"I am a realtor in the NW area and have been using this company for close to 8 years now. In my opinion - they are by far the best at what they do. I would never have anyone else but them clean my carpets or my tile. I have worked with lots of investors flipping houses that thought they would have to replace the carpets because they looked trashed! But this company got them so clean - unbelievable. My clients were shocked! They are professional, take care with your furniture, fit you into their schedule with short notice and are always super friendly! I refer them to everyone I know and everyone is extremely happy with the results and amazed at how clean the carpets and tile come out! They are great at stretching carpets too for carpets that come loose and carpets that were worn in doorways! Call them - you will be happy you did!"

"Wow, what carpet company cleaned the carpets in this house yesterday - they performed a real miracle for you. I was sure the carpets would need to be replaced, but whoever cleaned them not only got most of the stains out - it looks almost new."

Breathe Life Back into the Surfaces Throughout Your Home

Is there a stubborn stain causing an eye sore in your living room? Has your favorite couch started to show signs of wear? Don’t spend a large amount of money on replacing your flooring or your prized furniture possessions. Instead, consult the experts at Cornerstone Carpet Care. 

For over 35 years, we’ve provided residential clients in the Glendale area with quality floor cleaning and repair as well as upholstery cleaning services. We understand that it’s not always feasible to replace your carpet or couch, that’s why we bring our extensive industry experience and the latest in cleaning technology to every project. Not to mention we are BBB accredited, licensed and insured, making us a great resource for your service.

Comprehensive floor cleaning and repair services: 
• Grout and tile cleaning 
• Upholstery cleaning 
• Re-stretching
• Spot dyeing 
• Carpet cleaning 
• Pet stain removal
• Carpet repairs

Schedule your next cleaning service by getting in touch with the experts at Cornerstone Carpet Care in Glendale, AZ today!

Professional State of the Art Truck Mounted Cleaning Services

The Feeling is Mutual!

We LOVE Our Customers!

"Had our first cleaning since moving into our house 6 years ago! Two boys...3 dogs...parties...life...it was BAD! It looks NEW again and I can rearrange my furniture out of the 'clean' areas with confidence. Thank you for the great service and making my carpets fresh again Cornerstone!"